Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Peace out! handmade 14 k goldfill or sterling peace signs on silk thread $65.
Choose from a variety of silk colors

This hand-woven peace symbol can be done in gold or sterling, long or name it! see detail photo below......sterling chain $50.   14 k goldfill chain $60.

hand wrapped peace earrings $50. sterling  $65. goldfill

leather bracelet $50.$120.    14 k goldfill circle necklace
$85. sterling flower and leaves......all hand tooled by the artist
$80. "bird" necklace in 14 k goldfill
$80. 14 k goldfill flowers
$60. tiny peace on 14 k goldfill
$ 55. Super shiny sterling discs make feather-light earrings! Hand-tooled by the artist

$120. Hand-tooled Sterling discs jingle-jangle and catch the light like a mirror!


 $60.  LARIAT-STYLE$100.

$60. Pounded hand-cut discs in 14 K gold-fill or Sterling silver
$55. sterling