Saturday, November 29, 2008


*all prices retail* for wholesale prices email

$60. turquoise,mother of pearl and sterling swirl
$60. turquoise,mother of pearl, 14 k goldfill
$45. coral bracelet
$7o. leather bangles with fleur de lis charm
$40. leather bangle with rainbow moonstone

$70. leather bangle set

$60. necklace with freshwater pearl
$60. freshwater pearl with leather
$60. "peas in a pod" freshwater pearls bracelet with 14 k goldfill wire
Silver and gold.....delicate pieces for layering

$40. sterling stick with rainbow moonstone
$50. 14 k goldfill "comma" earrings

$60. 14 k goldfill "stick" earrings

$65. 14 k goldfill stick lariat style necklace
$55. 14 k goldfill stick i.d. bracelet
$50. freshwater pearl with sterling chain
$50. sterling circle with chain tassle
$50. 14 k goldfill charm on silk thread

Monday, November 24, 2008

Natural stones from the earth..
$50. each turquoise stick earrings

$40. turquoise on leather bracelet
$60. turquoise on leather necklace
$90. dark coral on leather
$90. "black" turquoise on leather

$80.  top necklace: sugulite and wood       bottom: sugulite, garnet and amythyst
$110. turquoise and brown freshwater pearls
$80. each  top: coral with wood    bottom:  leather and coral

$80.  turquoise and 14 k goldfill, handmade circles
Bold new designs!
Fresh mother of pearl....
$40. sterling or 14 k goldfill handmade hooks on all earrings
$40. brown mother of pearl circles
$40. these are about the size of a half-dollar and have gorgeous color variations. each pair unique.
$45. the mother of pearl is a little bigger then a dime topped off with a brown pearl

$70. dark brown carved mother of pearl rose, 14 k goldfill circle,turquoise on long leather
$70. each
left: gold circle,mother of pearl carved rose, turquoise (see above) 
right: gold charm, carved rose, sugalite 

$60. mother of pearl cluster on double silk thread
$45. sterling skull on top of grey mother of pearl oval on silk thread

$50. mother of pearl lariat-style on leather
$40. about the size of a postage stamp
$40. teeny bit bigger than postage stamp
$55. about the size of a quarter, 14 k goldfill circles
$65. double 14 k goldfill chain, mother of pearl pendant

$80. carved mother of pearl rose, brass heart, brown pearl, 14 k goldfill circle (some charms may not still be available, but can be replaced with something equally cool)
$60. greyish mother of pearl danglies from silk thread